Being a Nurse is more than a job - it's a way of life!


Colaco Hospital

Colaco Hospital was started by Late Dr. Lydia Colaco in the year 1955. For over more than 50 years Colaco Hospital has been a beacon of light for the suffering. Situated on Bendore main road, Colaco Hospital is the first private hospital of Mangalore.

Why Nursing?

India which is fast emerging as a superpower became world famous in the 1990's for its Information Technology Services, in the following decade for its B.P.O. services and now for Medical Tourism services. The sick and infirm of the world are waiting at India's door for its excellent and affordable health facilities. Hospitals are opening by the dozens and to staff them there is an acute need for well qualified nurses. Are you ready?

Colaco college of Management

It is an acknowledged global fact that India will attain a super power status by 2020. The force which will enable India to super power status will be rapid industrialization.The rapid industrialization will require excellent managerial skill. In order to fulfill this acute felt need COLACO COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT has started a 3 year comprehensive BACHELORS DEGREE IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (B.B.M.).

Why Paramedical Education?

By the year 2020 India will emerge as a super power. With high incomes, health consciousness will be the order of the day. To cater to the millions of emerging high income people a whole lot of paramedical and medically qualified personnel will be necessary. A qualified paramedic will be highly in demand, will command respect and also get lucrative salaries.

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