Paramedical Science Courses

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology( D.M.L.T)

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is one of the fast growing fields across the globe in health care area. It is a two year diplomatic course. The technologist is a professional who analyses the body fluids like blood, urine analysis, drug level testing, cerebrospinal fluid etc. They also assist doctors in the treatment of diseases and play a vital role in the prevention of diseases. The job involves detecting presence or absence of micro-organisms in the samples of the patients.

Diploma in Medical X-ray Technology( D.M.X.T)

Diagnostic Radiography to look through tissue to examine bones, cavities and foreign objects; includes cardiovascular imaging and interventional radiography. Fluoroscopy live motion X-ray (constant radiation) usually used to image the digestive system.CT (computed tomography) which provides cross-sectional views (slices) of the body, can also reconstruct additional images from those taken to provide more information in either 2D or 3D. Nuclear medicine this uses radioactive tracers which can be administered to examine how the body and organs function, for example the kidneys or heart. Certain radioisotopes can also be administered to treat certain cancers such as thyroid cancer. Radiotherapy (Radiation Therapy) - uses radiation to shrink and sometimes eradicate, cancerous cells / growths in and on the body. Mammography - uses x-ray to image the breast tissues.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology(D.O.T.T.)

Operation Theatre Technology courses are job oriented. In India, different variants of this course are available. Some such well known variants includes- Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre Management, Operation Theatre Techniques and Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology.Operation Theatre Technicians are allied healthcare professionals. Their tasks include assisting Doctors in Surgery, arranging surgical instruments before surgery, sterilizing instrumentation before surgery, cleaning surgical instruments after surgery, carrying out Surgeons’ commands during surgery and taking care of anaesthesia equipment.OT Technology courses mentioned above trains students in aspects like surgical procedures, surgical instruments, anaesthesia equipment & dose, patient monitoring and OT Ethics.